Tuesday, September 28, 2010

something awesome ha[d] happened

So, a little information here:  This is one of the posts I chose to save from my old blog, T Marks The Spot.  Another one was this bit about Jules Rivera, which I saved because I was especially proud of my argument against her.  And because I want her to read it and realize what a fool she is.

I saved this one because it’s probably one of the coolest internet-related things to happen to me.  Fun fact:  Joey Rintoul now follows me on Twitter, and reads my blog.  I’m not trying to brag, but it’s super cool.  I originally posted this on February 4, 2010, and am reposting it now to keep it alive.  Enjoy:




Something Awesome Has Happened – 2/4/10,
from  T Marks The Spot


So, a couple of weeks ago, I Stumbled Upon this webcomic, They All Bleed The Same, and I thought it was pretty great. The art is really well done, the storyline is the right amount of crazy, with the right amount of humor, etc. So, I started reading from the beginning (happy to find that there weren’t hundreds for me to catch up on), got to the end, and decided to link it in my list over there. (I realize this list is technically for you, the readers, but I halfway keep it as a centralized list of things I like to look at. I’m a selfish blogger.)

Anyway, I received this email today:

Hey man!
Joseph Rintoul here, creator of the web-comic "They All Bleed the Same". While checking out some site information I noticed that I've been getting a fair amount of referrals through your blog. So, showing it in the only way I know how, I say thank you with a drawing. Thanks again!
J. Rintoul
SD Studios

Pretty awesome, right? I like to think that people besides myself have been linking to this webcomic through my blog, but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s just been me. Either way, Joey Rintoul was a nice enough guy to send this incredible drawing to thank me:A-Thank-You

There are a few things outside of the exceptionally obvious that make this awesome:

    1. He dug around enough to realize my name is Tim, not Frim, as it is listed on this blog.
    2. He drew me in the outfit in the [old] blog banner.
    3. He drew the shoes from the outfit in the [old] blog banner, which are not included in the [old] blog banner. I think the only place where you can see the red chucks in the actual image is Facebook (or my hard drive). He’s either a really good guesser, or really thorough, and you should hire him as a private detective.
    4. The body language is similar to what’s in the [old] blog banner – almost the same, in fact.
    5. I actually look like me.

All right. I think that’s enough. If nothing else, go check out his comic. It’s pretty great. So, apparently, is he – I really have a hard time believing that many people would see referrals from this blog and deem them important enough for a response. I feel that, as far as things go on the internet, I’m pretty low on the totem pole, only being more interesting than things like Ron Oslund’s Home Page, or Havenworks.com. So thank you, Joey Rintoul. You’ve made my day. Probably even my week – until Saturday, when I go see the house I want to buy. That might top this. It’ll be a close one. It’s not like I’m moving in this weekend, or anything.


Another fun fact – I did not, in fact, get to look at the house we wanted to buy.  Nor did we even end up buying that house.  We instead ended up buying the house three doors down from that one.

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