Saturday, February 5, 2011

24 Hour Blog Day! 2/5/11

Some friends and I decided that, instead of trying to slog through another 24 hour comic book day, we should have 24 hour blog day!  So we all got together and got blogging.  Basically, every hour we drew another topic, and then everyone blogged about it.  Day of fun.
All of the participants' blogs have been mirrored over at Killer Tofu to preserve their former (possibly former) glory.  Go check them out!
Here are all my blogs from 24 hour blog day.  Super cool list format go!
  1. Best of 2010
  2. Funniest Moments
  3. Defining Childhood Memory
  4. Methods of Destroying Traffic
  5. Alter Egos
  6. Friends
  7. A Movie Review
  8. Theme Songs
  9. Utopias
  10. Travel Desires
  11. 12 Rhyming Couplets
  12. Christmas
  13. Irrational Fears
  14. Dogs vs. Cats
  15. Cleveland
  16. Mundane Talents or Skills
  17. Something I Always Wished I Was
  18. Superpowers
  19. My Biggest Fault
  20. Most Influential Year In School
  21. Pet Peeves
  22. Awkward Moments
  23. 80s Movies
  24. Cartoons

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