Monday, January 17, 2011

Stuffed Chicken Breasts: A Video Recipe


I’ve been running the idea of a video recipe around in my head ever since my good friend Matt filmed himself cooking for his week in video.  I thought about filming the recent chowder recipe, but decided that maybe it would be kind of boring to watch, since most of it is just adding things to a pot.  There is some chopping involved, but that would mainly be it.

So stuffed chicken it is!  I might eventually post the steps in a more detailed word form, but for now I’ll let the video stand alone.  That way I know you have to watch it.  I also made garlic & parsley mashed potatoes (pictured in the background), but that’s something for another day.

Let me know if you like it!  Also feel free to tell me to never make a video again, or if my hands are too fat, or if you hate what I’ve done with my canisters.


Enough stalling for space to clear the title picture.  Here’s the video!


  1. I like it! The chicken looks delicious, and I thought the whole video recipe thing turned out really well.

  2. Definitely will try this! Video was great- loved the comments and song choice!

  3. Realized I never comment-replied. Thanks guys!