Monday, June 1, 2015

A Picture a Day for a Week

Sunday, May 24

Today we went to the Hesston Steam Museum in Hesston, Indiana. It was pretty cool - they have many vintage/refurbished steam engines of all kinds - trains, sawmills, cranes, and a popcorn machine (I had no idea such a thing ever existed). We took the kid for rides on some of the trains. He had fun, but got a little sick of it after a while.

Monday, May 25

Went for a run in the woods today, on a short leg of the Wabash Heritage Trail. It was super humid and gross.

Tuesday, May 26

This morning Clark decided to do some reading on his own. Reading is a full-contact sport.

Wednesday, May 27

Today I got a Surface Pro 3 to use for work. It's awesome.

Thursday, May 28

Last day of school! Some kid thinks I'm an octopus or something.

Friday, May 29

Today we took my mom to lunch at Scotty's Brewhouse to repay her for babysitting. I had a burger topped with jalapeƱo poutine. It was dopelicious.

Saturday, May 30

Open bars make for fun weddings.